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can i snort an oxy op 10

can i snort an oxy op 10

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i have been prescribed to OC 80 s for 6 years now for my debilitating pain i started snorting them about a year back when i learned that it works much faster and
  • can you snort immediate release oxycodone.
  • Is It Possible To Snort The New Op 80s?.

    21.09.2010 · GENERAL TOOLS REQUIRED FOR BOTH: Tool 1.) A tool for grinding the OP tablets into fine powder such as a Dremel or Pedi-Paws.. -- A sandpaper or hand file
    How did Mr Bean's "Magic *Snort* *Snort*.
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    Rurik's Method to Snort, IV, etc the new.

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    I tried the microwave method with OP 10's. First off every microwave is different, but I microwaved it for exactly 5 minutes. The Gel Shit bubbled up and black shit
    How did Mr Bean's "Magic *Snort* *Snort*.

    can i snort an oxy op 10

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